3 Books You Should Have Read This Year (2014)

This year we sat down and talked to over 20 authors, one of the highlights being Jackie Collins who, it turns out, has had an even wilder life than her characters. She told us that about 10 years ago, a masked man shoved an Uzi in her face and screamed, "Don't move, b**** or I'll blow your f***ing head off." I imagine her running away, the adrenaline kicking in as she gives a silent cheer, thankful for her survival, but more thankful for the story she'll have for future dinner parties. It's the type of thing that you'd expect to happen to the woman whose [...]

Thomas Page McBee | Man Alive | Author Interview


Thomas Page McBee attempts to answer the question, "What does it mean to be a man?" His new book focuses on the two men who most impacted his life, his father who abused him as a child and a mugger who almost killed him. He seeks to understand these examples of flawed manhood while grappling with the decision to transition from female to male. Man Alive is extraordinarily personal, while still telling the universal story of how we struggle to create ourselves.
“Being human means being at the mercy of others. It’s uncomfortable at that knife’s edge, but you’ve still got a choice [...]