Mr. Mxyzptlk & the 5th Dimension | The Comic Book Exchange


Frank Moran, Lacretia Lyon, Lex Michael & Joelle Monique discuss the origins of Mr. Mxyzptlk, who showed up on this week’s Supergirl, and the 5th dimension he hails from. They also dive into the big comic book news of the week like the tease of Marvel Generations and what big names are headed to print. [...]

Paul Michael Glaser | Chrystallia and the Source of Light | Author Interview


Paul Michael Glaser is an actor, director, activist, and author. He is perhaps best known for his role as Detective David Starsky in Starsky & Hutch, a popular television series of the 70s. Glaser later served as Chairman of the Board of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – a nonprofit organization established by his wife, Elizabeth, when she and their children were diagnosed with HIV. He was Chairman of the Board for six years and now serves as Honorary Chairman.

With over four decades in the film/television industry, Glaser has turned his attention to his latest project, Chrystallia and the Source of Light [...]

Eric Braeden | I'll Be Damned | Author Interview


Eric Braeden joins James Lott Jr. to discuss hew memoir, I'll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led Me to America's #1 Daytime Drama.

In this startling candid and poignant memoir, the legendary Emmy Award-winning star of The Young and The Restless, America's #1 soap opera, chronicles his amazing life, from his birth in World War II Germany to his arrival in America to his rise to humanitarian and daytime superstar for the past thirty-five years.

For nearly four decades, fans have welcomed the star of television’s number-one daytime show, The Young and the Restless, into their living rooms. While they’ve come [...]

A Lesson on LEGION, Red Flags and a 90's X-Men Throwback | The Comic Book Exchange


Frank Moran, Lacretia Lyon and Lex Michael discuss whom Legion is and what you need to read before you watch the new FX show. Plus an Oscar nominated screenwriter heads to comics, X-Men: Supernova gets a new working title and the hosts discuss their Red Flags as they test out the new game from Skybound just in time for Valentine’s Day. [...]

Shaka Senghor | Writing My Wrongs | Author Interview


Shaka Senghor discusses Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison with Paula Bryant Ellis.

Shaka Senghor was raised in a middle class neighborhood on Detroit’s east side during the height of the 1980s crack epidemic. An honor roll student and a natural leader, he dreamed of becoming a doctor—but at age 11, his parents' marriage began to unravel, and the beatings from his mother worsened, sending him on a downward spiral that saw him run away from home, turn to drug dealing to survive, and end up in prison for murder at the age of 19, fuming with anger and [...]

Interview with Skybound Entertainment Senior VP Shawn Kirkham | The Comic Book Exchange


Hosts interview Shawn Kirkham, discuss Manifest Destiny and Chris Dingess' open letter for Standing Rock, the announcement of Redneck, and how to get your hands on the 1st ever Skybound exclusive MegaBox. Skybound is the home of Robert Kirkman’s creator-owned work including his Eisner Award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur,Thief of Thieves and Clone as well as Witch Doctor, Guarding the Globe and The Astounding Wolf-Man. Since its inception, Skybound has created television shows, merchandise and a wide spectrum of platforms, games and entertainment events (The Walking Dead Escape). Skybound’s successes include the comic behind the [...]

Who is the BEST Robin? | The Comic Book Exchange


Hosts debate the question: who is the best Robin of all time? And it gets pretty heated.

Robin is a superhero in the DC Comics universe. Robin has long been a fixture in the Batman comic books as Batman's partner. The team of Batman and Robin is commonly referred to as the Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders. Conceived as a vehicle to attract young readership, Robin garnered overwhelmingly positive critical reception, doubling the sales of the Batman related comic books. Dick Grayson appeared as the first Robin in 1940; after his becoming of Nightwing, several different youths have appeared as Robin.

The early [...]

The Archie Series | The Comic Book Exchange


Hosts discuss the Archie comic series.

Archie Comic Publications, Inc. is an American comic book publisher headquartered in Pelham, New York. The company is known for its many titles featuring fictional teenagers including Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Sabrina Spellman, and Josie and the Pussycats.

The company began in 1939 as MLJ Comics, which primarily published superhero comics. The initial Archie characters (Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge) were created in 1941 by publisher John L. Goldwater and artist Bob Montana, in collaboration with writer Vic Bloom. The [...]

Top Cow's Henry Barajas | The Comic Book Exchange


Henry Barajas from Top Cow Productions joins the panel this week. What sets Top Cow apart from the rest of the herd is its fierce commitment to quality entertainment, and an unmatched drive to deliver this entertainment to fans on a consistent basis. This may just sound like "common sense" to some, but those who know the business of comic publishing understand what this truly means.

Comic books are unlike any other form of entertainment, and it takes a company that truly understands the art form to allow the medium to flourish in today's market. Top Cow understands this medium better than anybody, which [...]

Interview with Howard Shapiro | The Comic Book Exchange


Hosts discuss the work of Howard Shapiro (Hockey Karma).

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Book Circle Online is the world’s first online network with shows dedicated to the intimate discussion and dissection of various books. BCO also features one on one author interviews, and engages fellow fans via social media.

BCO Hosts, comprised of authors, writers, critics and media personalities, discuss all aspects of the book from the author’s inspiration and background to chapter by chapter breakdowns. Hosts offer insight and opinions as well as diverse and thought provoking views.

Book Circle Online can be seen here on the website [...]

Peter Engel | I Was Saved by The Bell | Author Interviews


Executive Producer, Peter Engel talks with James Lott Jr. about his memoir, I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams That Do Come True.

Peter Engel, one of the most prolific producers in television with more than 1,000 episodes produced under his banner, single handedly created the teen sitcom with Saved By The Bell, which he executive produced through all of its many incarnations, and which led to his many other teen series. As if defining and conquering the teen arena wasn't enough, Peter produced the iconic Last Comic Standing, enabling the discovery of an entirely new, fresh generation [...]

Robin Jones Gunn | Finding Father Christmas | Author Interview


Robin Jones Gunn joins James Lott Jr. and Marissa Serafin to talk about Finding Father Christmas, Engaging Father Christmas, and more.

Watch for the 2016 Hallmark Christmas movie, "Finding Father Christmas" based on Robin's Father Christmas novels. You can get a behind the scenes look at the film making process in her book, "How My Book Became a Movie: A True Story".

Robin's best-selling, award-winning novels include the Christy Miller series for teens as well as the Sierra Jensen and Katie Weldon series. The characters in these series continue in Christy & Todd: The College Years, The Married Years and soon, The Baby Years. [...]