Taking Back Your Holidays by Yvonne Lacey

Michael Rippe talks to Yvonne Lacey about her book, Taking Back Your Holidays: A Whimsical Guide to a Lighter, Brighter Christmas. Maybe you love Christmas, or maybe you want to love Christmas, but you feel like the time between the beginning of Fall and the start of the New Year flies by so fast that you can’t stop to enjoy a moment of it.

Did you get a chance to sing Christmas songs together?

To cook your grandmother’s secret recipes in your own kitchen?

To make a snow angel?

To sing “Happy Holidays” to your neighbors?

This year is your chance to take back your holidays. Not-your-typical Martha Stewart holiday planning, this book gives you insights to your favorite holiday traditions, practical tips for creating pockets of peace for your family, and ideas for sharing a stress-free Christmas with your loved ones. Bring the true Presence of Christmas into your home this year.

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