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Katerina Cozias talks to Stacey Cargnelutti about her book, Egypt 2 Canaan: A Guide To Lasting Change and Rich Fulfillment.

Egypt 2 Canaan is a faithful companion to help you navigate the rough waters of life, love, and faith, and stay on course to your Promised Land.

The Old Testament story of Israel’s wilderness journey serves as the perfect backdrop for E2C because it’s our story as well. If you’ve circled the same mountain too many times, you’re not alone.

We live in the greatest age of information and illumination of all time and yet modern day slavery in the form of addiction, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and trafficking continues to rise. With answers at our fingertips and help around every corner, why do we choose stress, obesity, suffering and strife, over the love and blessing that pursues us relentlessly?

We can avoid these questions and hope for the best, or answer them, and BE our best.

The truth is, we are spiritual beings in need of a spiritual source of supply. Apart from divine inspiration, change, impact and fulfillment remain illusive pipe dreams, and we settle for short-lived success.

The soul of mankind will never be satisfied doing life in the shallows because we’re designed and destined to launch out into the deep for a net breaking catch of CRAZY AMAZING! Deep calls unto deep and will never be satisfied with less.

E2C is a forty-week journey that will challenge you on every front. It unveils the mysteries of sacred romance and helps you live an inspired, prosperous life.

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