The Prestige by Christopher Priest – Adapted: Books to Movies

Love books? Love movies? Hosts Marisa Serafini and Phil Svitek love them both too… equally. So they decided to marry their love of both into a monthly dedicated series where they discuss books that have been adapted into movies.

In episode three, they enter the world of magic at a time when electricity was just taking off to discuss Christopher Priest’s 1996 novel The Prestige. The novel tells the story of a prolonged feud between two stage magicians in late 1800s England. It is epistolary in structure; that is, it purports to be a collection of real diaries that were kept by the protagonists and later collated. The title derives from the novel’s fictional practice of stage illusions having three parts: the setup, the performance, and the prestige (effect)

This book has been adapted in 2006 by visionary director Christopher Nolan, notably of The Dark Knight Trilogy fame.

Marisa and Phil give historical context to the book, talk about Priest’s inspiration for writing it, favorite plot points and then transition into discussing the adapted version. Whether you’re watching or just listening, sit back and observe closely, otherwise you might miss the magic!

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