Lisa Ramos | Pizza & Chill? ;) | Author Interview

Lisa Ramos (model and star of MTV’s Guy Code) talks about the quirky bumps and awkward land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century. Answering fan questions with personal anecdotes, top 10 lists, mixtapes and her best advice, Ramos connects the dots as she shares her laughable highs and lows of dating all in the hopes of helping you find true love… or at least go on a few memorable dates. Renee Ariel interviews.

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Bio: Lisa Ramos known for her time on America’s Next Top Model (2003), MTV’s Guy Code (2011) and the Secret Life of Babes (2014), opens up about her dating highs and lows. Beyond her looks, Ramos is a quirky, funny and perpetually single girl that faces the same awkwardness every other 20-something in a big city might expect. As a result of commenting on relationships across the internet and MTV, Ramos has become an authority on all things dating in the modern world.

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