Kirk Frederick | Write That Down! | Author Interview

Kirk Frederick talks about why Charles Pierce considered himself a “Male Actress,” not a drag queen or impersonator. His favorite person to perform was Bette Davis. Frederick talks about their friendship and Pierce’s enduring legacy. Charles ended every show with the quote, “If a person can’t be what they are, what’s the point of being anything at all?” Kirk’s book is called Write That Down! and James Lott Jr. interviews.

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Bio: Kirk Frederick is a long-time writer of travel articles, and a first-time author of the non-fiction “Write That Down! The Comedy of Male Actress Charles Pierce.” As the legendary comic’s producer, stage manager, dresser, co-performer, publicist, and friend for over 20 years, Mr. Frederick was well-versed in Mr. Pierce’s biographical anecdotes, as well as having near-perfect recall of his volumes of funny, witty, clever, and insightful comedy material.

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