Steve Rohr | Scared Speechless | Author Interview

What you say and how you say it speaks volumes about your professional promise and leadership potential. Whether it’s giving an impromptu sales pitch or keynoting a major business conference, public speaking can make you or break you.

James Lott Jr. and Steve Rohr (author of Scared Speechless) discuss:
· Why nerves are a great thing,
· Why you should never imagine the audience in their underwear,
· Advice that applies to every kind of speech, in every setting, to every audience,
· Points to consider when putting together a story or anecdote,
· Seven Steps to writing a speech (and why English majors make bad speechwriters),
· Tips for the 7 types of speeches,
· How and when to use visual aids, and more.

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STEVE ROHR is a college professor and works in entertainment public relations. Currently, he is the Show Publicist for The Oscars®. Steve’s involvement in public speaking education spans two decades at three different universities in Southern California. He holds an MA in Communications from Arizona State University. For three years, he co-hosted a psychology radio show with Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri. This is his first book.

Book Bio-Combining the expertise of a communications professor and professional, Steve Rohr, with Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri, a psychologist, SCARED SPEECHLESS: 9 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Captivate Your Audience (Career Press, March 31, 2016) explores the intriguing intersection of speech communication and psychology, and shows that by understanding your brain (the why), you can evolve into an authentic, confident, and powerful speaker (the how).

Rohr and Impellizzeri, take a powerful and unique approach combining art and science. The psychology behind our fears is used to explain and tame our anxiety. Complement that with the art of organizing and delivering a spectacular speech, and you have the most effective take on public speaking in SCARED SPEECHLESS.

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