Father Norm Supancheck | When Love Calls | Author Interview

Jeffrey Masters talks with Father Norm Supancheck about his book, When Love Calls: A Memoir of Great devotion. In 1966 Southern California, twenty-somethings Norm Supancheck and Shayla Strohmeyer make a heartbreaking decision not to get married. There’s just one problem: they are deeply, acutely, and irrevocably in love. Though they are separated, their lives will intersect over the years in uncanny ways. Shayla will give her heart to another man and marry him instead. Norm, who becomes a priest, will perform their wedding ceremony and bless their union. Shayla and her husband will raise a family. Norm will baptize their children. Shayla and her husband will move three states away. Norm will visit often and become an integral part of the family’s life. As the years advance, the dark finger of mortality will beckon to them both, and Shayla and Norm’s lives will intersect in one final, poignant and lasting way.

“I make time for the quiet moments because the truth whispers and the world is loud.” – Father Norm, When Love Calls

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Bio: Norm Supancheck was born in 1942 and grew up in Long Beach, California. He’s spent his life devoted to serving God and helping people. An ordained priest for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 1968, Father Norm’s current assignment is chaplain at Alemany High School in Mission Hill, California, a position he has held since 2002. Fr. Norm leads various marriage enrichment programs through the Catholic Church including Retrouvaille, Marriage Encounter, and Engaged Encounter. He works with many youth training programs and is actively involved in a variety of community service organizations. Fluent in Spanish, Fr. Norm celebrates Mass in Spanish up to five times a month on El Sembrador TV Station (ESNE), which is broadcast worldwide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from St. John Seminary and a master’s degree in applied theology from Graduate Theological Union.

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