Joe Kelly | Bang!Tango | Author Interview

Joe Kelly (Man of Action) talks about deconstructing crime story archetypes in his new graphic novel, Bang!Tango. Vinnie, former-gangster is rehearsing for a tango competition and the femme fatal character is a transgender woman who convinces him to help her rob a mob boss. Joe also discusses his Superman comic, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way, which has been called the greatest Superman story of all time, and his animated series, Ben 10.

In this edition, Jeffrey Masters sits down and talks to Joe Kelly about his graphic novel, Bang!Tango.

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Bango Tango Jeo Kelly

Bio: Joe Kelly is a founding partner of Man of Action Entertainment, creators of the boys’ action global franchise phenomenon Ben 10. As a television creator/writer/executive producer his other credits include Generator Rex, MARVEL’S Ultimate Spider-Man, and MARVEL’S Avengers Assemble. In comic books, Kelly is best known for popularizing the Marvel character Deadpool and for redefining the modern superhero story on the major franchises X-Men, Action Comics, Justice League of America, and Spider-Man. His work on Action Comics #775 was named the “Greatest Superman Story of All Time,” and has been turned into a Warner Brothers animated feature, which Kelly scripted. His creator owned comics include DC/Vertigo/Cliffhanger series Steampunk and Bang! Tango; while his projects for Image Comics include Bad Dog, Four Eyes, and I Kill Giants, which was the first American winner of Japan’s International Manga Award. Kelly co-wrote the screenplay of The Nightmarist for Paramount, and wrote and directed the live short, Brothers Day.

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