Katie Gilmartin | Blackmail, My Love | Author Interview

In Katie Gilmartin’s novel, Blackmail, My Love, we follow Josephine as she searches for the truth behind her brother’s disappearance. She buys a suit, cuts her hair short, and renames herself Joe as she navigates through the subtle nuances of queer life in San Francisco in the 1950s.

“I got a broom and dustpan from a closet down the hall, swept up the remaining shards, fishing out the acorns but not the earrings or the hair, and slid it all into the container. I dumped the whiskey, cloudy from my blood, down the drain, and poured myself one last finger.” – Katie Gilmartin, Blackmail, My Love

In this edition, Jeffrey Masters sits down and talks to Katie Gilmartin about her novel, Blackmail, My Love.

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Bio: Katie Gilmartin’s checkered past includes stints as a buoyant union organizer, bona fide sex researcher, and deeply engaged college professor. She attended Oberlin College and Yale Graduate School, then for over a decade taught cultural studies with an emphasis on the histories of gender and sexuality. She now lives in San Francisco where she founded City Art Cooperative Gallery, a thriving artspace on Valencia Street, and the Queer Ancestors Project, which is devoted to forging sturdy relationships between young LGBTQ people and their ancestors. Blackmail, My Love is her first novel.

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