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Jon Krakauer’s international bestseller, Into the Wild, and Sean Penn’s inspirational film of the same name skyrocketed Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) to global fame after he hitchhiked to Alaska and walked into the wilderness alone in 1992. In The Wild Truth, Chris’s sister, Carine, tells her own story, while filling in the blanks of her brother’s journey. Together they witnessed firsthand the dysfunctional and violent family dynamic that made Chris willing to embrace the harsh wilderness of Alaska. Carine speaks candidly about the deeper reality of life in the McCandless family, and reveals how she learned that real redemption can only come from speaking the truth.

“The constant misconceptions about my brother made me want to cry out the real reasons why walking into the wild was far from crazy, but the sanest thing Chris could have done.” – Carine McCandless, The Wild Truth

In this edition, Jeffrey Masters sits down and talks with Carine McCandless about her book, The Wild Truth. For more on Chris and Carine McCandless, be sure to catch Return to the Wild: The Chriss McCandless Story on Tuesday, November 25 9/8:00c on PBS.

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Bio: Carine McCandless is an entrepreneur, activist, and mother. She has been successfully self-employed since she started her first business at the age of nineteen. As a public speaker her presentations are featured in education and corporate venues across the United States. She is the sister of literary icon Chris McCandless and consulted closely with Jon Krakauer on his bestselling book Into the Wild. She also worked as a direct advisor and script contributor to Sean Penn for his film adaptation of the book. She lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her two daughters.

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  1. SasquatchBobby
    SasquatchBobby says:

    This is nothing more than a Sad Story about a guy who was abused and was
    crying out for help with all of his escapes! Stop sensationalizing this
    subject! It’s Alex, NOT Alexander! Stop It! This is Not a story of an
    Adventurist who went out into the wilderness, found himself and his true
    calling, found the meaning to life and had a Death Wish to then just die
    being complete! NO and NO!! Absolutely NOT!!! He was psychologically
    screwed up and when he realized that he screwed up in Alaska and should
    have listened to people who cared, it was too late! I understand that he
    was hungry and he needed supplies, say like a Real Sleeping Bag, so he
    wasn’t Freezing every night! He planned on coming back to civilization the
    whole time. After the Investigation, book, and movie was made, one of the
    well know Musher and Cabin Owner, whose house was vandalized & robbed
    talked about it in a You Tube Video ( found Chris’s backpack. Also,
    another House and the Park Ranger’s Cabin was Vandalized. Yes, there were
    Bears in that area and they investigated and found out interesting facts
    that didn’t have anything to do with a Bear break in. Watch the Video! The
    Cabin Owner found a hidden pouch which had at least 6 IDs and $300 in Cash!
    Shame of the DPS for Not finding this. They would have been able to ID him
    immediately. Also, when he dropped off by the pick up truck that gave him a
    pr of rubber boots, Chris commented that all he had was the $.85 cents in
    his pocked! Wrong? He had 3 $100 Bills. What does this prove? It proves
    that Chris had NO DEATH WISH and Definitely Planned on leaving Alaska and
    coming back to civilization! His sister admits that he was abused growing
    up, so ole Chris had serious psychological problems and anyone with common
    sense can figure why he was such an adventurist? He was trying to get away
    from his home as far as he could! He wanted out and away from his parents!
    He fucked up in Alaska. He was Totally Unprepared. Going into the Alaskan
    Bush without any proper boots, clothers, sleeping bag, tent, etc, etc? He
    had some Issues! And he could have crossed that river that he almost
    drowned in, if he did due diligence on the area;a mile down the river, was
    a small bridge that the loggers use to cross the raging river.He fell into
    the river and almost drowned. He did NO Due Diligence on Alaska. People
    tried to give him advice, but he knew better. This is a Very Sad Story and
    should Never have been Sensationalized! Did you know all of these
    extenuating facts about Chris (cabings being broken in, $300, IDs)? If not?
    Why? Obviously you didn’t do your Due Diligence? In conclusion, this is
    typical of what happens when Liberals get involved with a story!
    Low-informational, ignorant, biased and overall stupid! By the way, who
    made all the monies on the book, movie and speaking gigs? LIBERALISM IS A

  2. Gina Haffie
    Gina Haffie says:

    I’ve recovered from narcissistic parent and the underlying story in this
    story and the healing and how long it takes is understood. Chris may have
    felt he deserved to die as a result from his mistakes in Alaska, as some
    healing and shame still echoed in his head. And one can feel Happy if these
    little beliefs are still in a crevice. His actions were selfless. It took
    eons to get the voiceless shame out, it takes years to uncover and discover
    that voice. It doesn’t have to take years, but when we lack some healing
    under our belt the curve is still flat. Thank you dear Carine. Many of us
    are on a parallel path and when things open, the human change curve can
    change much quicker. My relationship with my parent is in my hands more,
    but those surprises come with their show.

  3. Gabriel Arctaedius
    Gabriel Arctaedius says:

    Carine, I want to inform both you and other travelers out there, somewhere,
    that a vague sense of spirituality is not a promise of everlasting life. I
    can only hope that Chris did have a conversion in Alaska and accept Jesus
    Christ in his life. That is the only, exclusively assured path to
    everlasting life. Jesus told you, me, Chris and others clearly a number of
    times that only by calling on his name can we be saved from everlasting
    torment. It is not too late for you Carine. Any talk about “energy”
    creating positive circumstances in your life is a lie from the devil to
    keep you and Chris from the Bible. Pick up a Bible and read any passage
    from the New Testament. Traveling around the world looking for truth is not
    the plan God has for Chris or for you. His plan is that you be saved
    through His son Jesus Christ. After one is saved one has no desire
    whatsoever to go looking for answers to life’s questions. Jesus is the
    answer Chris was looking for. You too. God bless you.

  4. Christopher Field
    Christopher Field says:

    Thanks for your assistance in my understanding Carine’s motivations. The
    book has been added to my “lets read this” pile.

  5. Tosh Manta
    Tosh Manta says:

    I had guessed there were family problems,the moral of the story is don’t
    run away from problems,it is far braver to face up to life’s hardships
    than run away from them.


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