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How far would a mother go to protect her child? This is the question that Leslie Lehr asks in her new novel, What a Mother Knows. When Michelle wakes up in the hospital after a near-fatal car crash that resulted in an extended coma, she finds her world has completely changed. On top of marital issues and a troubling lawsuit, she discovers that her daughter has been missing, and she begins her own investigation to try to get her back. In this edition, Jeffrey Masters sits down and talks with Leslie Lehr about her book, What a Mother Knows.

“Maybe she was still asleep and this was a nightmare. Wake up, she told herself. But Drew was still there. And from the look on his face, she got the feeling that the nightmare was just beginning.” – Leslie Lehr, What a Mother Knows

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Following the book club favorite, Wife Goes On, Lehr’s 2013 release is the culmination of her experience in the film business and the what-ifs of modern motherhood that she first wrote about in her debut novel, 66 Laps, winner of the Pirates Alley Faulkner Society Gold Medal. Lehr also wrote the screenplay for the romantic thriller Heartless. Her writing career began with the humorous nonfiction books, Welcome to Mom, The Happy Helpful Grandma Guide, and Wendy Bellissimo: Nesting, featured on Oprah. Her popular essays include the Mommy Wars, “I Hate Everybody” lauded on the Today Show, “Parenting Paranoia,” excerpted in Arianna Huffington’s On Becoming Fearless, and “Welcome to the Club” from The Honeymoon’s Over.

With a B.A. from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Lehr is a popular panelist at literary and film conferences around the country. She is a member of PEN, The Authors Guild, WGA, Women In Film, and The Women’s Leadership Council of L.A. She is a contributor to the Tarcher/Penguin Series “Now Write” and teaches in the world-renowned Writer’s Program at UCLA Extension. Lehr lives in Southern California, where she continues to explore the dark and light sides of contemporary women.

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