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UNDER THE SKIN is a sleek and bizarre science fiction story by Michel Faber, a sometimes erotic, sometimes ice-cold portrait of a disfigured alien predator. Strategically disfigured as a honeytrap for earth men who will soon be meat. Her name is Isserly and she picks up hitchers on the motorways of Scotland, conducting them into castration, mutation, and processing into foodstuff at the behest of a decadent cosmic aristocracy. The book pushes buttons like JG Ballard on hits of champagne-spiked estrogen. Through the insect eyes of a huntress in disguise, we’re tricked into thinking about where our food comes from and who it used to be, what goes down between males and females, and the potential malevolence of more advanced civilizations. I’m Jason Squamata. Climb into our customized murder mobile. Forget what it means to be human. As Book Circle Online goes UNDER THE SKIN.

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    Victor Remus says:

    You guys ever tried talking louder? I couldn’t hear a damn thing one of the
    Brit-Bong whisperers was saying so I stopped listening.


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