Night Film by Marisha Pessl | Book Discussion

NIGHT FILM follows a broken journalist’s investigation into the haunted life and death of Ashley Cordova, the mad director’s beautiful daughter. It begins as a mystery with overtones of dream-like horror. It flickers and dims and deepens into a study of people who burn too brightly, burning up the souls around them until their aftermath is a legacy of ashes. It’s about art that goes too far and the fanatical religious passion such art can trigger in those strangelengs who are attuned to its frequency. It’s about the nature and function of fantasy, the damage done to the ties that bind by those who walk between the worlds and march only to the devil drums of their own terrible destinies. It’s about witches and tricksters, idols and fans, readers and authors. The hand that shapes and the eye that sees everything. Sovereign. Deadly. Perfect. It’s a book about us, and a book about itself.

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