The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon | Book Discussion

Step into the Circle and bear witness as the BCO narrative dissection team explores Samantha Shannon’s THE BONE SEASON, an exciting and widely hyped new novel (the first of a projected seven-part series), wherein we meet Paige Mahoney, our narrator and heroine, a nineteen year old criminal clairvoyant who can slash her way into the headspaces and dreamscapes of those around her.

She performs her little thought crimes in a future London, circa 2059, a London under the control of SCION, a tyrannical security force that runs six other major cities and seems poised to take over a globe even darker and more troubled than our own.  Clairvoyants and psychics of every stripe are hunted in this future.  All official doorways to and from the spirit world must be blocked at all costs.

When Paige gets seized and claimed by SCION, the shadowy forces that seem to oppress her world become mere masks for even more shadowy forces.  Paige is put through every test and torture of lifeforce and loyalty that a concentration camp take on Hogwart’s can provide, and what begins as a semi-streetwise supernatural slant on The Hunger Games unfolds into a war that could tear all matter asunder and set fire to the afterlife itself.

Will Paige find her way and preserve her soul in this dark retroVictorian future with its teeming nightmare ecology of vampiric angels, buzzing cosmic zombies, and psychic crime syndicates?

Will 22 year old author Samantha Shannon deliver on the promise of these concepts and live up to a hypestorm that has set the publishing industry on fire?

Will Book Circle Online co-hosts Doug Dean, Pat Janowski, Kristi Lovato, Mark Savage, and Jason Squamata touch the text in ways that expose a richness and mystery that might otherwise stay hidden?

YOU be the judge.

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